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Website Development Heading to 2018

When professionals build any type of structure they have a specific plan so they make sure they get it right the first time. The same is just as important for a website design, it pays to give your internet presence the special attention needed to have a successful outcome. Once we build a website then the challenge is to guide visitors to it so that they may find the information they seek quick and easy. By using the format below I can assure you your website will be user friendly and will be compatible with any mobile hand held device and with the different browsers.

Company Branding

Give your company a brand and personal indentity with a logo and perhaps a catchy slogan that suits the business or service you offer. Your brand is your mark of distinction, this can create trust and useful and important when creating marketing strategies.

Responsive Website

This ensures the same website is viewable on all size screens including all hand held appliances. Technology changes so quickly today, just recently we were designing websites specifically for mobile devices. This meant the same company had two websites to manage and in a lot of cases there was a lot of information missing from the mobile website that was on the original.


The best format here is to keep it simple, so that it is user friendly, can be added to as the business and website grows.


There is a saying that "Content on a website is king " , well indeed that is so true. It is so important to have as much original information on your website as possible pertaining to your business or service that you provide.


This stands for search engine optimization and has been abused and used by so many so called experts, now let me inform you there is only one company who has control over how your website ranks and that is GOOGLE. The best way to get up in the rankings is to make sure the "meta tags" including the "Title" of your page is accurate to the content and that includes every page, so the Title on every page should be different. The other meta tag Google take note of is the "Description" and should be as it says a good precise description of the web page content up to 160 characters long. It is also worth noting keywords are not used by Google in its search algorithm.


Well, we all hate filling out forms online, especially on mobile phones, however there are instances when it is necessary, as this website requires your business particulars if you want your website listed and promoted on the internet.
It is also very important if you are collecting information online from your subscribers or advertisers that this information is handled with a secure browser, that is using SSL – an encryption technology ensuring that the data sent to the retailer is encrypted and secure. A site using an SSL Certificate can also be identified by a website URL that commences with “https”, as opposed to the standard “http” of a non-secured site.


In summary, use the information above to ensure the best standards for a compliant, user friendly, accessible and secure internet product. Once you have your website developed submit your website to Google.  But that's only the start if you really want your website to be noticed you have to get as many links as possible pointing back to your website, now this will tell Google just how popular your website is to viewers. It pays to advertise and there are many directories that allow free advertising. It stands to reason if your advertisement stands out above the others it has more chance of getting a hit.  Plug your website wherever possible like Facebook. Twitter and others.  A specific point you should know is that Google uses technology that is based around location, so anyone looking for a business in Campbell River will surely find your website if all guidelines are followed.

 Put your business online now and increase the chances of your website being found.


  • ~ I’m very pleased to write a few encouraging words about the search engine optimization service offered by Auscanonline. In the past we had paid the so call experts to help us get our website on the front page of Google and there had been no noticeable change. Once we contacted Robert the owner of Auscanonline, he took the time out to understand our business and to explain how Search Engines work with logarithms. After a little rewriting and search engine optimizing every page on our website Auscanonline service has been very effective as we are now on page #1 of Google and this is bringing in a lot of clients to our whale watching business and so I can confidently recommend his services to any small or large business.

    Ron King - SeaKing Whale Watching Victoria
  • ~ Hi Bob !   Thanks again for a super job. As always, thank you so much for your quick response to my last minute requests! You are amazing. Everything looks great.  I would be happy to refer you to anyone looking for a first class web-master! After all the help you have given me, that's the least I can do!  I love my web site - You're the best ~ Cheers Sandy Victoria

    Transformations by Design   Victoria
  •  ~ Bob I am so pleased you were able to get my rankings up on Google, I have had the best charter season ever this year. I have had visitors from Italy, Germany, France and many other countries thanks to your efforts.  I certainly will refer you to my friends.

     Campbell River Fishing Guide Campbell River
  • ~ I am very pleased with our website and impressed with not only how it looks but also by your professionalism.  Between the two of us the end result is exactly what I needed. Thanks a million

    Paul's Plumbing and Gas   Port Hardy


The revolving banner above is an example of a few of the websites I have designed over the years, some old style and some responsive.


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