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  Came to Canada from Australia in 1999 and soon realised that Campbell River was the place to be as it offered such a great climate and although a city really just appealed to me to be a friendly country town.

 As a web designer and internet marketing consultant decided that the best way I could contribute to the success of this great city was to promote it by way of the internet and for those business that have been good enough to support the Campbell River Business Directory  website it has proven to be a huge success.

 I developed the first directory for Campbell River in 2000 and submitted it to the search engines and to my surprise received an acknowledgement from Google to join the Google Co-op. Mind you Google was in its infancy stage then. Technology has changed over the years and today it is necessary to have a responsive website that is visible on all hand held appliances so I decided to revise and develop a new website for our city.


• Web Design
• Web Development
• Web Analytics
• Web Maintenance
• Search Engine Optimization
• Script Installations
• Graphic Design
• Video Editing and Placement
• Member Google Co-op


• Communicate effectively
• Proficient time management skills
• Work well independently and in group environment
• Able to create website via internet communication
• Ensure website quality, performance and reliability
• Excellent Computer Skills.

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